Monday, May 25, 2015

What's on Tap May 25

I'm super excited for what's on the menu this week. Tomorrow's Memorial Day, which means I have an excuse to prepare more food than I usually do. Hopefully some of this awesome rain will back off long enough for us to have a picnic, maybe even sneak over to the pool.

The other exciting thing is my produce arrived! Look at my beautiful bounty. My job this week is to incorporate all this wonderful food into cooking before it decides to go bad!

I'll also be drawing from a lot of cookbooks, since I'm making so much food. The first one is Ovenly, a beautiful and inspiring cookbook that makes me want to open a bakery. For reals. (Hereafter referred to as O.)

Who can go wrong with a Southern Living cookbook? This is what it's all about, folks! Hereafter referred to as SLHC.

I've had this slow-cooker cookbook for years and it's almost always a winner. (PSCR.)

I don't have most of the equipment that the Pampered Chef cookbook calls for, but I've never had any problems modifying (or substituting when they expect me to have a certain pantry item). I don't reference this cookbook too often, but when I do, I'm usually pleased with the results (hereafter S/S11).

I bought this sandwich cookbook for those long summer months when the kids are home and it's too hot to cook but everyone wants to eat. While some of the sandwiches are a duh, others are fun and inventive. (4BSR.)

And finally, the French cookbook. I love ethnic foods, and am building a collection of ethnic cookbooks from around the world. Some of these are complicated! But others are not too difficult at all. (AMFT.)

Monday (Memorial Day picnic): Bacon-bread roll (SLHC), potato crisps (S/S11), carrot salad (AMFT), cucumber tzatziki (AMFT), apple salad (SLHC), and nectarine and blackberry tart (O)

Tuesday: leftovers (who doesn't need a break after all that??)

Wednesday: carrot soup (AMFT) with bread

Thursday: Apple-chicken (AMFT) with Lemon-steamed spinach (AMFT)

Friday: Asian Cobb Salad (S/S11), Butternut squash soup (PSCR)

Saturday: Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros Wrap (4BSR), lunch: Cream Cheese Sandwiches with olives and cold cuts (4BSR), dinner: Turkey Casserole (PSCR) and apple rice pudding (AMFT)

Sunday: Pork roast (PSCR) with summer squash

What's on your menu for this week?



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