Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fresh Strawberry Pie with Strawberry Glaze

I am so happy to finally present to you my fresh strawberry pie! This one took a lot of trial and error pies (which my family happily ate). The first one involved way too much strawberry gelatin. Ew. It was like strawberry-studded jello in a pie crust.

Not to worry! This one is not that. And it's wonderful. So go grab some fresh strawberries and make this pie!

One pie crust, prepared
1 C sugar
3 T cornstarch
1/2 T unflavored gelatin
2 lbs strawberries
1/2 C water
2 t lemon juice
1 C heavy cream

In a small bowl, separate out 1/2 C strawberries.

Mash them. 

In a saucepan, mix the sugar, cornstarch, crushed strawberries, unflavored gelatin, water, and lemon juice. Cook over medium heat 5-8 minutes until thickened. Set aside.

Spread two tablespoons of the strawberry glaze on the bottom of the prepared pie crust.

Halve the rest of the strawberries (quarter the big ones). Spread over the pie crust.

Admire the fresh strawberry goodness.

Pour the glaze over the strawberries.

Chill at least 4 hours.

Whip up the cup of heavy cream until stiff. Trust me on this: DON'T ADD SUGAR. The purity of the whipped cream adds the perfect finishing touch to the sweet berry pie. Try not to eat it all at once!!



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