Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grilled corn on the cob

As previously mentioned, I received a huge box of corn from my fresh produce basket last week. I've been dying to try grilled corn, so I found a recipe and gave it a shot.

I started the coals before I began the corn prep. The coals had a little ash on them and the temperature of the grill started at 300 degrees F, ending at 250 degrees by the time I was done.

To prep the corn, I peeled the husks down to the bottom but didn't take them off. I removed all the corn silk strands.

In a bowl, I melted 1 stick of butter. To it I added 1 tsp dried parsley and 1/2 tsp dried pepper flakes. Then I spread that over the corn.

Finally I pulled the husks back over the corn, doing my best to cover the exposed butter.

I then wrapped two ears of corn in tin foil, sealing all the edges.

Like so.

I took my wrapped corns out to the grill. With the foil on and the lid closed, I grilled them for twenty minutes, turning half way. Then I took the foil off and put the husks directly over the heat. I left them on for another ten minutes, this time with the lid off, and turned them on all sides so they were evenly grilled. A few weren't quite done, so I gave them another five minutes. (The kernels turn a brilliant bright yellow when done.)

Beautiful and great flavor. I served the rest of the butter at the table for anyone who wanted to add more!



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