Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why Another Food Blog?

I'm a writer. That's how I define myself. Well, after mother and wife.

I'm also a cook. I'm in the process of writing a cookbook and trying to get it published.

I got another encouraging response from an agent today in regards to said cookbook. He said it is a good idea but that I have no credibility as a food writer. (I guess all my reviews on tripadvisor don't count ha ha.)

Since I have no intentions of joining a restaurant or imploring the Food Network to sign me up, I asked him what I could do to change that. He very kindly and enthusiastically suggested I start a food blog. His idea was a Brazilian food blog, since the cookbook is Brazilian, but I thought, I can do better than that.

Making a food blog should be rather easy for me. Every Sunday I prepare my exciting weekly menu, and I take pictures of my food (failures included) almost every day.

The hard part, as the kind agent reminded me, will be getting followers. He didn't give me an exact number, but I'm betting I'd need at least a thousand before anyone would notice me or consider me an authority on food.

So this is my food blog. And it's only going to get better from here.

pictured: Blood-orange tart



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In my pursuit to getting a cookbook published, I'm trying to develop my credibility as a food writer, and not just an author.