Monday, May 18, 2015

Menu planning week of May 18

Time to plan the weekly menu again! This week I wasn't lucky enough to get a basket loaded with fresh produce (I will again on Friday), but I've still got lots of things in my fridge to work with. Including various leftovers from last week's meals!

From the fridge, I'll be making meals with the leftover beans, the pasta, and the corn relish.

The cookbooks I'll be using for new meals are Quick Soups, Simple Salada (QSSS), a cookbook put out by Cooking Club of America. My sister gave it to me several years ago, and I've loved almost everything I've made from it.

The other one I'll be using is Grilling Surf and Turf (GSAT), a book put out by CharBroil Grills. I don't own such a grill, just a normal charcoal one. But I've not had any problem adapting the recipes to work with my grill.

Monday: Bean soup

Tuesday: Chicken alfredo

Wednesday: Brats with corn relish and nachos

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Dad's night to cook

Saturday: Salmon and salsa (GSAT), potato planks (GSAT), Strawberry pie (GSAT)

Sunday: lamb salad (QSSS)

What looks good? Did you try anything from last week? What cookbooks are inspiring you this week? Share your thoughts!



  1. We're having sesame crusted tofu salad with Thai basil steak, fish lettuce wraps with mango salsa, meatloaf/potatoes/green beans, and Korean bibimbap (mixed rice bowl) to celebrate Buddha's birthday this weekend! the other days are leftovers. I'm on an 'online' cookbook kick right now to try out all the recipes I've got pinned. :)

    1. That sounds awesome! I'm very hands-on with my recipes, scribbling all over them and making quantity adjustments. Therefore I love my cookbooks. But the availability of online recipes is wonderful when there's something I need that my cookbooks don't have!


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