Monday, March 14, 2016

Professional photos!

I had my professional photo shoot last weekend, and we shot some awesome pictures of several recipes! So step one of what the publisher requested--some pictures of the recipes--accomplished!

Step two was to involve the Brazilian community. I think I'm on the right track. I've been astounded at the amount of excitement and encouragement from Brazilians living in the US! They want a cookbook with American ingredients and measurements as much as I do!

But they also want something I didn't anticipate--they want the cookbook in Portuguese, as well. So I'm taking a little bit more time to make the recipes bilingual before I sent the revisions to the publisher.

Step three is the hard one, though. That's where the publisher wants to see how popular I am. How many people visit my blog every day. How many people are chomping at the bit, anxiously awaiting this cookbook.

Are you? You're here, so that's a good start. If you weren't anxiously waiting, maybe these pictures will convince you. Aren't they gorgeous?? If I were a publisher, I'd want this book!

Recipes coming soon!



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